Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria was conceived to effectively affect the business space and entrepreneurial minds of young Nigerians. The conception has led to the identification of viable business ideas, start-ups and existing businesses which have been generously aided with grants, business mentorship and coaching.

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria commenced in 2014 and has received accolades since it has garnered over 10,000 young entrepreneurs, stakeholders, government officials, captains of industries and other guests in the last two years. The Web Business Campaign was the platform that boosted entrepreneurs to be reached by angel investors, venture capitalists as they presented their business pitch.

AYEEN 2016 hits the airwaves in a more vast and diverse way, it will be a Pan-Nigerian programme as the 6 geo-political zones (Lagos, Delta, Calabar, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu & Borno) are being taken into focus.



What people have to say about AYEEN



// See What People Say About AYEEN

  • I never believed when i was contacted that i was chosen, even when i came back to lagos to meet the organisers , I couldn’t sleep the night i received an alert . I couldn’t believe i got the money to start my business , it was all like a dream. May GOD continue to bless AYEEN

    Mary ogunjobi
  • In the beginning my friends said the program was not real,i didn’t allow myself to be discouraged i went on to register and came for the audition, even after the audition i never thought i could be chosen, i got a call months after. My life and business changed . Thank you AYEEN

    Vitalis Nwach
  • I heard this year AYEEN is going to be free,everybody should register we had to pay for registration in 2015 , but i was fortunate to be among those shortlisted. since it is free i encourage everyone in business to try their chance.I also never thought in a million years i could be called. I am a living beneficiary of this program and i thank and pray for the organisers every day.

    Amora Uzor
  • I have been mentored by A.Y.E since the program arrived Nigeria in 2014, i was nominated from the 2014 event.My business has received a lot of assistance from this program. Thank you A.Y.E

    Ali Usman
  • I wasn’t nominated in the last year program and my heart was broken, little did i know that i still stand a chance. I was called later in the year by someone in the united state who said he saw my business idea through the web business campaign WBC, today he is my partner and has invested so much in my business. Till today we have not met in person. I did not know it is possible for someone to give you money without knowing you. AYEEN is the real deal.

    Fisayo Osadipe
  • I believe AYE possesses the magic wand that will ultimately redefine the atmosphere of business in Africa because of the impeccable efficiency and synergy in the organization. I am a living testimony to their gracious effort in investing into my life and business. Very few people including organizations are willing in this country to do what AYE has done for me. Just by faith, I was able to believe in the possibility of something good coming out of my partnership with AYE and I was not disappointed. Kudos to my ever charismatic president, Mr. Francis Summy and the entire body of AYE for making what was a dream in our hearts a reality within a short period of time.
    “If we can achieve this much alone, how much more can we achieve together”
    God bless AYE and long live AYE!!

    Eyitayo Onigbinde
  • It was like a dream on that fateful day the 2nd of February 2015 when I saw my name, I could not believe my eyes. At the moment I knew AYEEN was real. The most unbelievable thing was the AYE president himself called me to congratulate me and said “if you can achieve this alone, how much more can we achieve together”. After he ended the call I screamed as I could not believe it.

    Adejoke Lasisi
  • I heard about AYEEN through a friend who called and directed me to Linda Ikefi’s blog where I read about AYEEN. I grabbed the opportunity as I saw this as the break I had long desired. The audition was a whole new experience for me, exposing me to new business ideas and also a platform for building networks and relationships with other young and creative Nigerians.It feels great to be a beneficiary of this project I see a future where the sky is only the starting point as AYEEN has given me the wings needed to begin soaring.

    Durson Rosemary Ijeoma
  • On the 22nd of February the same brother friend who had brought the first flier broke the good news that my name appeared on number 9 on the final list of shortlisted names. All I can say to encourage others is that first AYEEN is real and secondly do not ever give up on that dream of yours. The sky is no more the limit.

    lubunmi D’Shoo-Mey-Ker
  • First and foremost, I want to express my profound gratitude to Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) which I see as a symbol of hope and opportunities to all young and upcoming entrepreneurs. A.Y.E stand for empowerment A.Y.E is reality in real sense. I got to know about A.Y.E and AYEEN through internet research on how to expand my horizon in the improvement of my products quality and ways to source for fund in other to expand my production capacity and customer base. After perusing A.Y.E’s website, I never doubted their credibility and I knew right from the start that I have to give it a try. On getting to the first AYEEN program organized in November 2014, I was stunned by the level of success of the program. At the event, we got connected, interacted, exchange ideas, received motivational, spirit lifting and business development speeches from credible and renowned successful business gurus in persons of former president of Nigeria chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija to mention but a few (a great pointer and index to the potency and efficacy of the brains behind A.Y.E). Also, the interview and the exhibition sessions coordinated by the ever delectable and amiable A.Y.E’s panel was an experience never to be forgotten. Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs through the AYEEN program will in years to come put Nigeria and Africa at large in the forefront of world’s business. A.Y.E means hope, A.Y.E means empowerment, A.Y.E means connectivity, A.Y.E means networking, A.Y.E is change for the best, A.Y.E is our strength, A.Y.E is our future, A.Y.E is power and finally A.Y.E is great.

    Yosuf Ganiu-Omotolase

    Oke Akachi
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What industry are the organisers looking to attract?

All sectors and industries are welcomed to participate.

Will the organisation take any equity from the businesses?

Winners would be awarded their prizes without any stake for the organisers. Although, the business owners and businesses will be duely monitored for a period of one year.

What type of businesses can apply?

Start-ups, existing businesses and viable ideas that have economic benefits.

What is the criteria for participation?

You have to be a Nigerian resident in any part of the country.

Can a previous beneficiary participate?

Past beneficiaries from previous programmes are free to participate.

Where are the audition centres?

The auditions will take place in Lagos, Delta, Calabar,Kaduna, Abuja and Borno


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